Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama & Armenian Genocide; Another Promise That He DID NOT Fulfill!

Today is the day Armenians around the world commemorate the Armenian Genocide of 1915 perpetrated by the Young Turk government in the Ottoman Empire.  America is the last democratic free country that have yet to recognize this genocide. For years our government site that acknowledging this genocide will jeopardize our relation with current Turkey's government,  President Reagan was the last America president who dared to utter the "G" word and called it what it was and did not care what Turkey thought.  

Well, For the record, Senator Obama had this to say when Bush's administration refused to acknowledge 20th century's first Genocide:
"The United State must recognize the events of 1915-1923 carried out by the Ottoman Empire, as Genocide.  The Bush administration's refusal to do so is inexcusable"

"America deserves a leader who speaks thoughtfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocide, I intend to be that President'
Armenian Americans are surprised that President Obama will NOT fulfill his promise.  But we are not surprised, because for almost 2 years we have been telling our readers that Obama is a typical politician and there is nothing "chang-y" and "hop-y" about him. 

President Obama does not intent to keep his word, and here is yet another promise that came with an expiration date.  Why does it matter? Because it reveals who Obama is.  He gave his words to Armenian Americans when he needed them to vote for him, now he does not need them until 2012....It's the character stupid! He rather be friendly with Chavez and bow to Saudis, where is his moral standing?

Here is Senator Obama's promise ( thank God for YouTube!)
You can also click her to hear what Samantha Power had to say about this issue.

UPDATE: Obama chickened out: President Barack Obama on Friday refrained from branding the massacre of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey a "genocide," breaking a campaign promise while contending his views about the 20th century slaughter had not changed..

How convenient!!! "his views has not changed"...well, if it has not changed, why not say it!!!  If you really want to know why is it matter to recognize the Genocide? We suggest to go and read it here.