Saturday, October 31, 2009

Obama's White House Is For Sale!

The White House visitors logs tell us all that money bought the SEIU unprecedented access to the White House. SEIU President Andy Stern (Union Boss) made 19 White House visits and got 5 sessions with Obama — more than anyone else. Lots more than Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Most frequent visitor: Next to Andy Stern:
Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO
Tony and Heather Podesta, the powerful husband-and-wife lobbying duo
Actors Denzel Washington and George Clooney visited
Rev. Al Sharpton
Al Gore was at the White House complex four times.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Classy First Lady

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama attends the Fall Harvest of the White House Garden with students from Bancroft Elementary School on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, October 29, 2009.

Go here and vote for her

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is Obama's White House For Sale?

Not much transparency after all and this is not a FOX reporter asking the question.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Kid Asks Obama, "Where were you born"?

You must watch this Video. Click here. He answered him by saying;
"I was born in Hawaii, that’s true… Absolutely.”
Hmmm, why did he had to say "that's true", the kid was asking innocent question and he answered him kind of "defensively". And he redirected quickly to subject of dog!!

I guess from now on, the elementary kids will be considered "enemy of Obama" and they will boycott them too!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama Promised Transparency & What we are getting is a joke

If it's a Friday afternoon, it must be time for the Obama administration to release the news it wants you to ignore:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Friday the deficit for the fiscal year just ended was $1.4 trillion, the largest relative to the size of the economy since 1945, underscoring the challenge to shrink the fiscal gap even as the White House and Congress consider further steps to stimulate a slow recovery.

What happened to Obama's transparency? Nothing , what do you expect from a politician from Chicago who promised "change and hope", knowing he has no idea what "change & hope" is?

Obama's “saved or created” Jobs!

Jobs “saved or created” from $787 billion Porkulus: 30,083!!!.

This week, the administration finally supplied the data:

The first direct stimulus reports showed that stimulus contracts saved or created just 30,083 jobs, prompting more Republican criticism of the $787 billion package.

The data posted Thursday was the result of the government’s initial attempt at counting actual stimulus jobs. Obama administration officials stressed that data was partial — it represented just $16 billion out of the $339 billion awarded — but they said it exceeded their projections.

“All signs — from private estimates to this fragmentary data — point to the conclusion that the Recovery Act did indeed create or save about 1 million jobs in its first seven months, a much needed lift in a very difficult period for our economy,” said Jared Bernstein, the chief economist for Vice President Joe Biden.

Obama's false promises and his ognorance about economy is hurting everyone. Well, this is what we get when elect a president who has never run a business in his life and he really never had a full-time job.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Obama Got the Nobel Peace Prize!

Krauthammer said this during his speech at Manahattan Institute a few days ago before the Nobel news:

"As he (Obama) made his hajj from Strasbourg to Prague to Ankara to Istanbul to Cairo and finally to the U.N. General Assembly, Obama drew the picture of an America quite exceptional — exceptional in moral culpability and heavy-handedness, exceptional in guilt for its treatment of other nations and peoples. With varying degrees of directness or obliqueness, Obama indicted his own country for arrogance, for dismissiveness and derisiveness (toward Europe), for maltreatment of natives, for torture, for Hiroshima, for Guantánamo, for unilateralism, and for insufficient respect for the Muslim world".

That, in two sentences, explains why Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today. Now the Nobel Committee couldn’t quite come out and say that directly. BUt Krauthammer did it for them before the news!

You can watch the whole speech here.

H/T Commentary

Obama Loves Indecision

Among the pieces of “art” that the president and his wife have chosen to adorn their private White House residence is this one entitled “I think I’ll … ” by California artist Ed Ruscha. As the NYTimes captions the painting: “It deals with the subject of indecision:”
H/T Corner

We could not have made this up!!! He does love "indecision"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Olympics REJECTED!!

Ahhh...He was not the savior afterall!!


What an embarrassment! He had his wife, Oprah and Valerie (his top advisor) to push for this and they thought the world will just fold for their magnificence! What a waste of tax payers money and not to mention their carbon foot prints going their with their private jests. They even had Michelle Obama wearing Gold!

UPDATE: More headlines...
Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency