Friday, April 17, 2009

The Change Obama promised! He hasn't met a dictator that he does not like.

Look at that smile, as if Obama has found his lost friend! Today Obama made sure to greet Chavez during his South American "apology" tour. I bet Obama did not bother to ask Chavez about how he is crushing his opposition in Venezuela. Our dear President just wants to look good in the world regardless of how his embrace of dictators are affecting human rights issues. Just today we leaned that the mayor of Venezuela's second largest city is missing, apparently the latest casualty of a crackdown on opposition by President Hugo Chavez that observers are calling outright persecution.

Well, we can be grateful that he did not bow to Chavez!

UPDATE from WSJ: International politics is neither psychiatry nor a set of "see me, feel me" encounter sessions. It is about power and position, about preventing injury and protecting interests. Love and friendship move people, not nations.

We hope Obama will this lesson soon, before he gets bullies by the dictators of the world.