Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama Bows To Saudi King...How disgusting!

Bowing to royalty is symbolic of that monarch’s power over his or her subjects. Obama's deep subservient bow to the Saudi King is unbelievable and notice how even he bends his foot. This the monarchy where they have no freedom of religion or human rights.  This is the monarchy that threats their women population like a dirt, and prosecutes Christian coverts, and we get our President to bow to them!!!!  Outrageous!.  One blogger had this comment:
When Obama met Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, he sank into a bow that made some watching wonder if he was fixing to lick the king’s shoes. At its best it is unbecoming of an American President to bow to a foreign king, or its just clueless
UPDATE: With bowed head and bended knee
UPDATE II: Obama Bow Wow
UPDATE III: Watch the Video and you tell us what you think? We think Obama is either trying to kiss the King's shoe or his!
UPDATE IV: NYT scolded Clinton for almost bowing to royalty
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