Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama is just NOT classy

Here is a report about someone who wanted to Kiss Obama and Obama's reaction to the whole thing:
Cecilia Dervogne, a student at the University of Strasbourg, was among a noisy crowd of well-wishers greeting the Obamas as they arrived today.

As they approached the crowd to shake hands, Ms Dervogne called out to him.

'I said in slightly hesitating English... 'A kiss for me?'' Ms Dervogne told i-tele television.

'He showed me his bodyguards, who were surveying everything. I think there was a security gap we were supposed to keep to,' she said.

Mr Obama also apparently pointed out that his wife, Michelle, was watching.

But Mr Sarkozy would not be deterred, Ms Devogne said.
'And there was Mr Sarkozy who re-insisted and said: 'What, you're not going to give her a kiss?'

'So he offered his cheek timidly and I gave him a kiss.'
How childish Obama acted. Is this how we want our President act on the world stage, while his wife is just 2 step behind?