Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama is making the Bush legacy golden!

Here’s a partial list of the items President Obama has completely done wrong and why he’s making the President George W. Bush legacy golden:

1. Closing Guantanamo Bay prison

2. Limiting offshore drilling

3. The stimulus packages – not creating jobs, but creating massive debt

4. Health care reform

5. Telling the country that Cambridge police are “stupid” thereby insulting ALL police officers

6. Accusing physicians of performing unnecessary tests to raise fees, thereby insulting ALL physicians

7. Standing up for Henry Gates when he should have not made a comment

8. Igniting racial tension w/ his Henry Gates comment

9. Bowing to other world leaders when visiting them

10. Choosing cabinet members who have not paid taxes

11. Ignoring North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons

12. The “cap and trade” bill

13. Perpetuating the Global Warming myth.

People are beginning to think America is over-saturated with President Obama’s frequent televised press conferences and speeches. I hope he continues to dominate the airwaves with speech after speech! The effect they have had is marvelous – he’s convincing us more and more that he’s wrong for America. Many of those who have been drunk on the Obama kool aid are sobering up and coming to their senses.

Who would have thought that we’d be longing for the days of President George W. Bush so soon!? Thanks Obama.

Copied from Examiner.com.