Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How come most Obama's friends are crooks?

Just today New York Times reports that Hassan Nemazzee, an Iranian-American businessman and sympathizer of Iranian regime who raised $500,000 for Obama campaign was arrested today. Here is an excerpt:
"A prominent Democratic party fund-raiser for Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton was arrested in Manhattan on Tuesday on charges that he lied about his assets to obtain a $74 million loan from Citibank, the United States Attorney’s office said.The fund-raiser, Hassan Nemazee, 59, had been a national finance chairman for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential c last August."
Also, yesterday we learned that Obama was playing golf with his good buddy, Robert Wolf, president of UBS Investment bank. UBS is famous for it's banking secrecy laws, allowing people to squirrel money away in untraceable “numbered accounts.” Secret Swiss bank accounts have become a favorite way for wealthy people in the U.S. to dodge taxes!!! Obama spent five hours golfing with this guy who happens to be his early financial backer of Obama’s presidential campaign, raised $250,000 for him back in 2006, and in February was appointed by the president to the White House’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board!!

HOPE & CHANGE baby!!

UPDATE: More on Hassan Nemazee here.

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