Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Obama doesn't like about himself?

We are shocked!(not).. Our egoistic dear President doesn't' like his golf game. We feel so bad for him...Apparently, That's the only thing that he doesn't like about himself! ahhhh...

MOSCOW -- In his first interview with Russian media, President Obama was asked, "what don't you like about yourself?"

The president responded, "I have been playing golf lately, and I don't like my golf swing."

Laughing, the president continued, "you probably don't have that much golf weather in Russia, but it's a game that I keep on thinking I should be good at, and somehow the ball goes this way and that way and never goes straight."

Later in the interview, with ITAR-TASS/ROSSIYA TV, asked what the role of the First Lady is, the president said Michelle Obama's "first role is to make sure that our children are doing well" and her
"second job is to make sure that I don't get too cocky."

What an awesome president!!!! He can stay focused on his golf game while the entire economy crashes into the toilet! Iranians and Hondurans are struggling for democracy, the North Koreans are testing missiles, and Our Awesome President can worry about hook shots!!!!