Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama & The Saudi King

Read this report, it appear that all the bowing to Saudi king did not get Obama anything after-all. What a shame? Obama did the apology tour, he made sure to bow deep enough, and bring his Muslim ties and he got nothing back..Awww

Sources say Obama was hoping to persuade the king to be ready to show reciprocal gestures to Israel, which Washington has been pushing to halt settlements with the goal of advancing regional peace and the creation of a Palestinian state.

"The more time goes by, the more the Saudi meeting was a watershed event," said the former U.S. official who recently traveled to Riyadh. "It was the first time that President Obama as a senator, candidate, or president was not able to get almost anything or any movement using his personal power of persuasion."

The former official said that Ross has told associates that Obama was "upset" about the meeting "because he got nothing out of it."