Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Finally Wakes Up And Admits We're out of Money!

He still blames the situation on pervious government, even though he made it worse by approving the ridiculous so called "stimulus" package and has caused an unprecident budget deficit. Here is what he said:

I love those folks who helped get us in this mess and now say, ‘This is Obama’s economy.’… That’s fine. Give it to me … So I welcome the job. My job is to solve problems. Not to stand on the and carp and gripe.”

“‘So there’s no bailout plan for the National League?’ Buck asked, laughing.

‘No,’ said the president, ‘we’re out of money.’”

Meanwhile, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Republican senators on Tuesday at their private weekly luncheon at the Capitol that the government’s $1 trillion deficit was the single biggest hurdle to economic recovery! Obama's ignorance is just amazing!