Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here are some article worth reading on this weekend:

Obama vague stand on Afghanistan & Pakistan and is he expanding the war in Pakistan?

Check Leader calls Obamas finiancial plan "a road to hell"...oh! we thought by electing Obama the word will love us again!

Does Obama cares about human rights issues around the world?  Have you notices he hardly uses words like "human rights" and "freedom"?Here is an excerpt:
He began by delivering a holiday greeting to the Iranian people and their religious leaders. While President Obama expressed his desire to engage the Iranian leadership, human rights activistswere visibly upset by his failure to condemn the serious human rights violations of the Iranian regime. (Shortly after Obama's video message Amnesty International issued a report that criticized Iran for being number two behind China on the list of nations that execute civilians -- only China executed more people.)