Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's speaking Style : both-this-and-that, or neither-this-nor-that

We have said this about Obama from the beginning. He never talks in concrete terms, thereby everyone has a chance to fill his blanks by their own perception and that's the danger in Obama's speeches. Spill it out, Mr. Obama! Here is another blogger's take:

"Is this good for our democracy? Aren’t we better off when politicians speak eloquently not only of lofty ideals but also of concrete action plans? Aren’t we better off when we know the exact stances our candidate would take–whether he will stand with Russia or with Georgia and Poland, for instance, and how exactly he will stand with Poland, whether he will defend the missile shield, and so forth? Obama has remained a fill-in-the-blank space. Call him the Mad-Lib President. His words are so lacking in substance that one can fill in the blanks with whatever promises one suspects Obama is offering. America will be worse off if more American politicians follow Obama’s example."