Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does Obama know anything? He is waiting for his team to LEAD him!

I just finished reading LATimes interview of president elect Obama and I still know don't know what his positions are on issues.  Whatever they asked him, he deferred them to his team!  I thought the role of a leader is to set the agenda and get his team to do HIS orders.  Well, what what do we expect from someone who has never run anything in his life!  Here are some excerpts:

On free trade, unionization and illegal immigration:  he said, his nominees and advisors are studying the issues and will report back with recommendations.

On extension of the fence between the U.S.-Mexico border: He deferred to his nominee for the Homeland Security Department, Janet Napolitano.

On North American Free Trade Agreement: His economic team is going to put together a package and will be presented to him.

Change and Hope!