Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama : Not paying high taxes is selfishness!!

Just 4 days before election, Obama 's true color is shining through.  Jake Tapper from ABC news reports that, in Florida yesterday, Barack Obama called people selfish if they don't believe in higher taxes.  No wonder Obama chose Biden for his VP, since Biden thinks paying taxes is patriotic!

Aside from insulting voters who think it isn’t selfish to use their own money to build businesses, raise children, and give to charity (ask Joe Biden about that!), his formulation shows an appalling lack of understanding about how people get rich. The government is going to give people goodies and then they’ll have more money to spend? Wow. Who knew it could be so easy? No working, earning, saving, building businesses, hiring more people, investing and the like. Money just comes from thin air, from the government.

Voters should listen up. Obama is finally revealing his true self. Maybe McCain should take down his own ads and just run Obama and Biden soundbites. Oh, and that $250,000 (then $200,000, then $150,000) dividing line between the taxed and the saved in an Obama administration? One of the stars of the Obama-mercial, Bill Richardson, seems to think the real number is $120,oo0. Do I hear $75,000?

UPDATE: Obama: You Bitter-Clingers are Also Selfish
UPDATE II: Watch the video
UPDATE III:To Democratic Ticket: Raising Taxes=Patriotism, Opposing High Taxes=Selfish
Was this Obama's closing arguments? Is he closing the deal? We will not in 4 days...