Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Real Obama is coming through

Finally the CBS news is seeing the light and admits the flaws in Obama's character they tried so hard to hide. Here is what they had to say about Obama today:
But if he is going to be anal about the small stuff, it may get ugly if he loses his composure about something important.

Obama has staked his claim by offering American voters a fresh voice and a strong sense of optimism about the future. When he was on the way up, he was the favorite son of the media, who heaped almost unprecedented praise on him. Now that he has all but secured the Democratic nomination, Obama has shown little patience for standard media practices, which can range from silly to stupid.


Obama has resented the media for treating him like a presidential candidate -- someone with a personal life, a family and a past. He had better get used to it. The pace is sure to quicken between now and Election Day.

And if you win, Mr. President-Elect, look out. Things can only get worse.
Read the whole thing here.