Saturday, August 30, 2008

The last post on Obama

Obama talked the talk about "CHANGE" & "HOPE" and McCain (who knew?) walked the walk by selecting Gov. Sara Palin, who does represent "change" and "hope".  

I will not update this blog anymore because I believe Obama will lose and no need to talk about Obama anymore.  They are faced with biggest political "checkmate" to deal with. Kirsten Powers' New York Post column summed it up very well:
The other potential trap is luring the Obama campaign onto the "experience" field. The early conventional wisdom says McCain's pick was boneheaded because it takes the experience issue off the table. But it seems that it has done the opposite: The importance of experience is the topic of the day. more Democrats complain about this, the more Republicans can turn it on them and say, "If you are so concerned about the amount of experience of the vice president, what about the top of your ticket?"

So long my readers...let's focus on Gov. Sarah Barracuda Palin and make sure she wins!!!