Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obamas the snobs!

"So Michelle Obama has never been proud to be American before now, and Barack Obama just said yesterday, in his typical smug style, that he thinks Americans should be embarassed if they only speak English.  This is our next First Couple?  Aren't they campaigning for the White House of the United States of America?"

5 Reasons obama "embarrassing" Foreign language remark will haunt him. Link. 

(1) Obama speaks no foreign languages himself.
(2) Obama has now invited "journalists" to investigate his Indonesian school record.
(3) Obama has also invited the foreign press (where, possibly, real journalists still reside) to conduct his European press conferences in French or German.
(4) Obama has drawn unwanted attention to his support of Bush's failed No Child Left Behind policy
(5) Obama has once again made it clear that HE, not McCain, is BUSH-3.

UPDATE: Obama's frequent regrets may make us sorry. Read on.