Friday, July 4, 2008

Obama, Reagan like...I don't think so.

My Goodness, now we need a guidebook to really understand where Obama stands on issues. Obama had mother of all flip flops this week.  Read more here and here and also read here to see how proud Obama is of his  flip flop flips!
But Obama insists that he has been very consistent on Iraq.  It all depends what he means by "consistent".
But again he reserve the right to "refine" his Iraqi plan after he visits Iraq later this month.  And on the way to Iraq, he will make another "speech" ( how many more speeches do we really need from Mr. Obama?) in Berlin in front of Brandenburg gate! Is he trying to copy Reagan, but Reagan did not have as many gaffes, flip flops and lies.  Reagan did not need to exaggerate his resume to come across presidential. 

It's 4th of July and if you have not read Danesh D'Souza's book , What  So Great about America, you can do it here. Click.