Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama and his training-wheels campaign

Barry still need his training wheels,  and needs more babysitters now  than ever before.  This time around his baby-sitters are journalists, news paper publishers and editors and his 300 foreign policy advisors.

Here is from Pajamasmedia

"Obama had a rocky week before his overseas trip. He settled on a unique approach to national security: shoot first and ask questions later."

"For all intents and purposes Obama was play-acting the role of a traveling statesman, eating meals and smiling but doing and saying nothing of consequence with what veteran network correspondent Mitchell described on Hardball as an unprecedented level of press restriction and manipulation."

Barry, it's time to grow up if you want to play grown up game!
Oh! and if  you wonder if he has learned anything from his trip, Political Punch asked Obama the same question and this is what he reports:
"So Obama learned a few things -- all of which reaffirmed his already established views. Nothing that changed his mind about anything."
Go figure!