Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is Obama smart enough?

After all the gaffes, false ads, lies and over exaggerations from Obama, I am wondering,  is he smart enough to lead? Apparently he does not know the job description of "Joint Chief Of Staff".  Well, CNN's Situation Room played a clip of Obama saying this about his plan for Iraq:

BARACK OBAMA: I'm going to call in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and give them a new mission, and that is to bring the war in Iraq to a close.  We are going to get out.

I hope before he gets elected someone will advise him that  The Joint Chiefs of Staff does not have operational command of U.S. military forces.  Weekly Standard blog had this to say:

"I know Obama is a student of military matters and intellectually voracious, so it is thus rather stunning that he would betray such ignorance regarding the way the military actually functions. In truth, the Joint Chiefs are not part of the chain of command. Indeed, they are specifically by statute not part of the chain of command but instead serve solely in an advisory capacity to the president."
Well if he was smart or accomplished enough, he would not have the need to exaggerate his resume!  Jennifer Rubin writes
"If resume fraud were a crime, Obama would be looking at fifteen to life. And it is not just an isolated incident or two. He is a repeat offender."