Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What truth means to Obama?

Remember  Obama’s North Carolina victory speech?

"We will end it not by duplicating the same tactics and the same strategies as the other side, because that will lead us down the same path of polarization and of gridlock.

We will end it by
telling the truth.

We will end it by
telling the truth forcefully, repeatedly, confidently, and by trusting that the American people will embrace the need for change"  

Well, I guess he forgot his own speech. By repeating the same lie about McCain's position regarding presence of the troops in Iraq and misleading public, hoping that it will become a fact.  The had this to say:
"Democrats and allies are jumping on John McCain for telling NBC's Matt Lauer that "it's not important" when troops return from Iraq. Period. There's no because. There's almost never a because when one side seizes on the comments of another. The context makes it clear that McCain is reiterating his position that the presence of troops isn't the issue; instead, it's the casualties they receive."
Obama's misleading statements are NOT new.   Smear or Be Smeared?  , his deceptive ads,  his lobbyist's money,   his tactics against clinton, and on and on.. 

Oh! I forgot , and his misleading statement not getting any money from oil companies, click here to see for yourself.