Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama's war "judgement"

Obamas prides himself of his NO Iraq war vote. That "judgment" was working for him when situation was not good in Iraq. Now we had months of good news and things are turing around in Iraq. How would obama's "judgment" fair knowing that he was against the surge strategy in Iraq? Check out this article:
"We've seen this movie before," Obama said at a town hall in Rapid City, South Dakota. "A leader who pursues the wrong course, who is unwilling to change course, who ignores the evidence. Now, just like George Bush, John McCain is refusing to admit that he's made a mistake."

Obama explained to the crowd of 2700 that McCain had said on Friday that the US had drawn down to pre-surge troop levels in Iraq.

"John McCain was wrong, and he was wrong on the most important question that any commander-in-chief faces," Obama said.

Not so fast, Mr. O! Will he admit he made another "mistake"?