Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama´s vague change!

Obama´s foreign policy team is Clinton old group. The same group that had an opportunity to capture Bin Laden and did not. So what type of "change" is he offering? or is he just fooling poeple and playing games with "word"...just words!

Here is an article touching the same issue:

"At the same time, the Illinois senator's choices for his Senior Working Group on National Security may open him up to more criticism from Republicans that the professed "change" candidate is relying on familiar Washington insiders or that the failure of these former officials to kill or catch Osama bin Laden before the 9-11 attacks left the nation vulnerable on President Bush's watch.

"There's nothing 'new' about this group of Washington insiders," Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant said. He urged Obama to spend more time meeting with commanders in Iraq and considering the positive effects of the military troop buildup there instead of "sitting down in a room with a bunch of Washington elites, many of whom also opposed the surge."