Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama will be elected by our Media

Power to the people no more! This election will be about the power of media and how they are so determined to make Obama the king. Regardless of Obama's weaknesses, flip flopes, broken premisses, gaffes and lies. Obama was "selected" by super delegates and he will be "elected" by the media in the general election. Here is what Mark Miller had to say:

In news reports, when McCain responds to criticism, he is on the defensive, but when Obama responds he hits back forcefully. When McCain makes gaffes on the campaign trail, it raises serious questions about his age and judgment.

Obama's gaffes are ignored or attributed to fatigue from tough campaigning. You'll often hear Republican positions described as controversial, but you won't hear about controversial Democratic positions.

UPDATE: Well I guess some media outlets will try expose him. Read today New York Post, LIARS' ROUND-UP..its a good start!

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