Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Obama mistakes

Matt Lewis in Townhall wonders about about Obama's "mistakes":

Let's be honest, when you talk as much as presidential candidates must, some gaffes are unavoidable.  Others occur when a candidate is tired.  But Obama's gaffes seem to be the result of a candidate who is in over his head -- who has gotten by on style points -- not the substance.   To me, this is the real story -- that Obama's gaffes actually reveal something more dangerous than a candidate who merely "misspeaks."  That his gaffes are the product of someone who is not quite ready for prime time...

Still, it's fair to say that Obama has been playing "over his head" for quite some time.  He's like a young football team who starts off winning a lot of games.  Deep down, you always suspect it won't last.